Web Offset Printing Aids


DYO Printing Inks which has been providing service as the leading company of its field since 1968, produces Cold-set and Heat-set series with its superior technical features and equipment power, presents the cleanest and pure colors of life to its consumers. DYO Printing Inks, which has a wide product range for the printing markets of newspapers, magazines, books, inserts and offset printing aids, has a great power to provide its own products even its customers at abroad, in a short time and by special production that matches their needs.

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  Açıklama Teknik Özellikler
VO-9911 AQUA-WASH Cleaning Solventi Aqua-Wash is developed to meet the demand of modern printing machines having automatic cleaning function. * Efficient cleaning power
* Protects blanket and cylinders
* Safe due to high flash point (> 63 °C)
* Safe for health and environment, not classified as harmful according to EEC regulations
* Low odour
* No effect on printing plates
* Miscible with water (can be used by mixing water)
VO-9908 Blanket Cleaning Liquids Very fast drying special solvent mixtures to use for cleaning of blankets and rubber rollers of web-offset printing machines. * This product forms a protective film over blanket surface after drying by the special additives.
VO-9929 Offset Alcohol VO-9929 is an alcohol additive, used at alcohol dampening systems of web-offset heat-set presses; used 8-15% by adding to the fountain solution. * Stabilizes ink-water balance
* Prevents ink deposition on the blanket
* Increases drying of ink film on the substrate
* Improves ink transfer through rollers and substrate
* Increses dot sharpness
VO-9975 AQUA-FIX Hardness Balancing Agent Aqua-Fix is developed for adjusting the hardness of fountain solutions to the press conditions, maximum 0,5% addition is recommended to obtain 8-12 dH German Hardness. * Prevents formation of limes in the water feeding unit of printing machine
* Prevents growth of bacteria and algea
VH-0010 Silicone Emulsions Antistatic agent for web offset heat-set printing. * Prevents blocking
* Prevents contamination by ink
* Prevents static electricity
* Increases surface slipperiness
* Decreases accumulation of ink at the sides of rotary blade
* Prevents cracks and splits during folding
* Gives excellent texture to the printed surface
* Prevents contamination of the printed surface
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