Screen Thinners


Screen inks used in printings made with serigraphy system. Ink viscosity is adjusted with thinners according to type of sieve. There are diff erent series screen inks which are suitable to diff erent materails such as metal, glass, artificial leather, textile and paper besides plastic materials and in diversity that can satisfy all needs of the sector. These inks are used in printing of many products such as graphics, posters, advertisement boards, billboards, totems, promotion materials.

Mobil görünümde tablonun tamamını görüntülemek için lütfen tabloyu sağa kaydırınız.
10-20% thinner should be used to prepare ink to the print viscosity for No.120 screens. This quantity differs for other type sieves. Thinner that will be used should be select according to ink type and printing conditions.
Solvent Based UV Water Based
FAST THINNER MX-7925 SE-9925     SS-9925 Fast thinner should be used for very fast automatic printers and at cold conditions where drying takes longer time than expected.
NORMAL THINNER MX-7935 SE-9935       Under normal conditions Normal Thinner should be used.
RETARDER THINNER MX-7945 SE-9945     SS-9945 At very high temperature Retarder Thinner would be used.
SPRAY THINNER MX-7955 SE-9955       For spray applications Spray Thinner would be used.
THINNER     SF-9900 US-9900   For SF series 2 units ink and 1 unit hardener (SF0421) by weight is mixed. The viscosity of the mixture should be adjusted by SF9900 thinner according to the mesh number of the screen and no other solvent should be used.
US series inks are ready to use. US-9900 thinner can be used for adjusting the viscosity and no other solvent should be used in the system.
SCREEN CLEANING SOLVENT MX-7909 SE-9909       It is an effective cleaning solvent, used for screen cleaning after print work without damaging the screen.
DEVELOPER   SE-9903       It is a cleaning solvent to use for cleaning emulsion leftover on screen. After emulsion decomposition process this solvent also be used for cleaning the emulsion residues from the previous work, which can be damage the new image.
GHOST CLEANER   SE-9904       KThis cleaner can be used for cleaning the ink residues on the screen. The print ghosts that are appear during the print or rest after print should be clean with this cleaner. Because this residues can be blocked the screen. Print ghosts are come into begin if the wrong solvent used for screen cleaning or if the emulsion and ink are not compatible.
CELLULOSIC THINNER FM-9900     It is an effective cleaning solvent, used for screen cleaning after print work without damaging the screen. And it is also recommended to use for other cleaning operations. Cellulosic thinners should not be mixed into inks.
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