Screen Inks Printing Aids


Screen inks used in printings made with serigraphy system. Ink viscosity is adjusted with thinners according to type of sieve. There are diff erent series screen inks which are suitable to diff erent materails such as metal, glass, artificial leather, textile and paper besides plastic materials and in diversity that can satisfy all needs of the sector. These inks are used in printing of many products such as graphics, posters, advertisement boards, billboards, totems, promotion materials.

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Solvent Based UV Water Based
DEFOAMER MX-7901 SE-9901 SF-9902     It is a defoaming and levelling additive. Foaming problem is cause bad levelling on printing. This can be result as pinholes sometimes. To prevent this problem print substrate should be clean. Still smooth level cannot be achieved small amount of defoamer (max 1%) can be added to the ink externally. By mixing carefully levelling problem should be solved.
OVERPRINT VARNISH MX-7444 SE-1406   US-1900   High gloss protective overprint lacquer. It is used to get slip, gloss and protective property on printed materials. If matt effect is desired suitable matting paste can be added.
SF-0400 US-2440 SS-1440 Matt and gloss transparent varnishes are compatible with ink system. These are used for to adjust the colour density of inks according to print conditions.
MATT TRANSPARENT MX-8440 SE-3440 SF-0402    
MATTING PASTE MX-8000 SE-3000 SF-0425     When matt appearance is requested, it is used by mixing into the ink upto desired level. Since it is compatible with ink, it can be mixed easily.
ADHESION PROMOTER   SE-9902       It is a printing aid used to get better adhesion at printing to surfaces that are non-corona treated and/or inadequate treated. Beside it can be used for very thin film materials, which cannot treat with flame. Application: It is applied directly to substrate surface that is clean, dry, without grease and dust with a piece of cotton or fabric. Print can be made just after drying. Efficiency stays for 1-2 days.
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