Vehicle Window Films

3M™ Automotive Window Film Crystalline Series

  • It blocks more heat than many dark films without altering the appearance of the vehicle, making it a superior choice for comfort.
  • The light shade rejects up to 60% solar energy and up to 97% heat-generating infrared rays for maximum comfort.
  • It is designed to improve vision by allowing visible light to enter the vehicle while keeping heat out so you can see clearly and safely.

3M ™ Automotive Window Film Color Stable Series
  • Blocks 57% of total solar energy from windows to keep cool and protect from harmful UV rays.
  • Because the nano carbon is dispersed throughout the thickness of the film, it provides years of performance before the film has a chance to turn blue.
  • Available in different tonal levels that block up to 95% of visible light.

3M™ Automotive Window Film Obsidian Series
  • Cool and more private interior with impressive exterior.
  • It offers powerful performance at an affordable cost.
  • Contains 3M patented infused technology that prevents blackening and provides enhanced durability.
  • It reflects up to 44% of the solar energy coming from the windows and protects it from harmful UV rays by keeping it cool.

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