Standard Mounting Tapes - 64606

Plate Assembly in Flexo Printing Especially for Corrugated Cardboard Printing Process

Product description

  • tesa ® 64606 PV3 is a transparent, double-sided, 300 µm / 12 mil thick self-adhesive tape consisting of a transparent-green PVC backing and rubber adhesive system. tesa ® 64606 PV3 has been specially designed for mounting photopolymer plates in the flexo printing industry. Thanks to its features, tesa ® 64606 PV3 offers the ideal solution for applying tape to the plate prior to drum plate mounting or Mylar film plate mounting, which is a common practice especially in corrugated board printing.

  • The taped plate is reliable even when stored vertically for long periods, providing high adhesion values ​​and slip resistance.
  • High adhesion and slip resistance also ensure that the edge of the plate is not lifted during long printing runs and at higher speeds.
  • Thanks to its specially optimized adhesion properties, tape and plate can be easily repositioned during assembly.

  • The transparent carrier allows cliché print marks to be seen easily.

  • The crepe paper protector prevents the formation of air bubbles in the tape and the bending of the tape.
  • The protector is siliconized, which allows easy application and removal.

Main Applications
  • tesa® 64606 PV3 is designed for mounting photopolymer plates in the flexo printing industry, especially in corrugated board printing processes.

Technicial Specifications
  • Carrier Material: PVC Film
  • Thickness Category: 300 µm
  • Adhesive Type: Natural rubber
  • Preservative Type: Crepe, siliconized PP

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