tesa Softprint ®72028 Steelmaster foam cliche Assembly tape: CLASSIC product design

Product Description

  • Double sided foam tape

Foam Properties
  • Low thickness tolerance
  • Long-lasting, stable recovery properties

Adhesive Properties
  • High adhesion surface
  • Plain cliche bonding
  • Straight stereotype disassembly
  • Sufficient tape bonding towards the arm side

Additional Properties
  • The PP-liner is configured to prevent the formation of air pockets when the cliche is mounted.

Main Applications
  • Installation of 1.14 mm (0.045") and 1.70 mm (0.067") flexographic printing clichés on steel /ALU / PU and glassine cylinders

  • Carrier material: Film laminating PE foam
  • Total Thickness: 550 µm
  • Thickness Category: 500 µm
  • Adhesive type: Adhesive acrylic
  • Primer Type: PP
  • Logo Color: Green
  • Hardness: Hard

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