Manufacturing Engineer

Manufacturing Engineer

Manufacturing Engineer Job advertisement;;
* Graduated from related departments of the university

* Having worked in a similar position and experienced in content production

* A portfolio with strong writing and skills, as well as a deep understanding of the relationship between content production and demand generation.

* To be able to make detailed researches from domestic and foreign sources in line with the needs of the application.

* Knowledge of grammar rules

* A collaborative way of working and the ability to think holistically – an ability to understand how design and content strategy work together to provide a consistent end-to-end message to clients
* Strong multitasking, time management, leadership and organizational skills

* Strong understanding of localized and translated content.

* Experience with content promotion strategies.

* A motivated, self-starter attitude with the ability to push independent and team projects to completion

* We use Apple computers and Google collaboration tools. While experience with these tools is not required, the ideal candidate will be excited to expand their knowledge and embrace change.

* Note: Please submit more than 2-3 examples of your content writing work or a portfolio showing your writing style. We're looking for examples that illustrate your content strategy and thinking process. IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE SENT WITH THE APPLICATION

* Creating content for e-books, web seminars, technical reports aimed at increasing lead generation

* Writing clear and engaging messages while guiding future content development strategy

* Preparing, editing and finalizing the content

* Ensuring consistent messaging across channels

* Collaborating with other teams on technical content production

* Carrying Promakim brand sound in multiple channels and raising product-specific style and style standards
* To regularly produce and follow original and original content for our website

* Leading Promakim's blog strategy and publishing rhythm

* Using data to demonstrate a strong understanding of how customers interact with our product and determine how to make our message more attractive to potential customers and customers

* To analyze the target audience and to provide design studies that will help the marketing team to catch the target audience.

Manufacturing Engineer Job advertisement;;


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